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Medium: Comics
Fandom: Marvel
Subject: Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier
Title: Remember Who You Are
Warnings: Spoilers for the Winter Soldier arc.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Notes: Okay, so I posted this over on Tumblr yesterday afternoon, which was pretty good timing. :)

01. Nine Inch Nails – Burn

Well I don’t believe in your institutions
I did what you wanted me to
I’m like the cancer in your system
I’ve got a little surprise for you
Something inside of me
Has opened up its eyes
Why did you put it there?
Did you not realise?

02. Within Temptation – What Have You Done?

I know I’d better stop trying
You know that there’s no denying
I won’t show mercy on you now
I know I should stop believing
I know that there’s no retrieving
It’s over now
What have you done?

03. My Chemical Romance – Disenchanted

Well I was there on the day
They sold the cause for the queen
And when the lights all went out
We watched our lives on the screen
I hate the ending myself
But it started with an alright scene
It was a lie when they smiled and said
You won’t feel a thing

04. God Is an Astronaut – All is Violent, All is Bright


05. Metric – Help, I’m Alive (acoustic)

I tremble
They’re gonna eat me alive
If I stumble
They’re gonna eat me alive
If you’re still alive
My regrets are few
If my life is mine
What shouldn’t I do?

06. The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires

Scream when captured
Arch your back
Let this whole town
Hear your knuckles crack
Crawl ‘til dawn
On my hands and knees
God damn these vampires
For what they’ve done to me

07. Mumford & Sons – Unfinished Business

I broke down in horror at you standing there
But feeling my skin, it was cold to the touch
You whispered, “Where are you?”
I questioned your doubt
But soon realised, you were talking to God now
But you have blood on your hands
And I know it’s mine
I just need more time

08. The Avett Brothers – Tear Down the House

Tear down the house that I grew up in
I’ll never be the same again
Take everything I used to own
And burn it in a pile

09. Bloc Party – Two More Years

They say: ‘Be brave, there’s a right way and a wrong way’
This pain won’t last forever
This pain won’t last forever

*Bonus: Lifehouse – Breathing (Bucky/Natasha)*

I’m finding my way back to sanity again
Though I don’t really know what I’m gonna do when I get there
I take a breath and hold on tight
Spin around one more time
And gracefully fall back to the arms of grace


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