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Really, though, there's no better title for this post. Spoilers if you haven't read Civil War, Captain America or Young Avengers. Oh, and the title of Captain America 2.

Right, so I've been reading comics for a little while - I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, because some people know so much that
I'm a little scared.

Captain America - Oh, hey there--uh, what're you doing, that's my hea--OW! *bawls* I started with what I think is called Vol 5? I don't know, it's the one with the Winter Soldier/Bucky's return and then it's Civil War and I want to cry. 
  • I fell completely in love with Bucky, and his angsty life. Seriously, though, his life sucks.He was Captain America's partner, lost an arm and his memories, was the Winter Soldier, fell in love and got put in the deep freeze, was thawed out and ended up having his memories restored (KEEPING HIS WINTER SOLDIER MEMORIES AT THE SAME TIME!) and then his closest friend was KILLED. Kind of. Sort of. It's complicated.
  • Sharon! Oh, Sharon, I love you. I know that some people are, uh, polarised when it comes to her (to say the least) but I really do love her. I liked how she tried to tell Steve that, yes, Bucky was your friend, but the Winter Soldier isn't Bucky and the Winter Soldier? Would love to paint a wall with your brains.
  • Sam Wilson! My level-headed, only sane person in the entire bloody world! Steve and Bucky constantly seems to go in with no plans and forget that they CAN'T BLOODY FLY! There's something somewhere about patriotic pancakes and, yes, without Falcon, Cap and Bucky Cap would be very patriotic pancakes.
  • I hope that movie!Sam gets to meet Coulson (lalala, I can't hear you!), Pepper and Rhodey because they could complain about how 
Civil War and aftermath - While Cap removes that knife from his back, I need to remove the one from my heart.
  • Sharon's life really sucks.
  • Bucky and Sam have one of my favourite relationships ever, with Bucky wanting to make him proud, and Sam making sure Bucky doesn't end up smeared on the pavement because BUCKY, YOU CAN'T BLOODY FLY! 
  • Tony, you bastard
  • Hill, I love you in The Avengers, but here I would punch you in the face, and possibly dance on your grave after your death. I wouldn't kill you, though. Yet.
  • Cap handling himself in when he sees what they're doing to the people they spend their lives trying to keep save? Stabbed me in the heart. Steve asking Tony if it was worth it, and then Steve being killed? Killed me. Tony saying it wasn't worth it
  • TBH, I was kind of there with Bucky when he was planning to kill Tony for a while. 
  • NATASHA! I love her. I love how she and Bucky have such a messed up history because of outside influences, and not because they messed up a relationship.
  • Oh and, Tony? Don't think I've forgotten that you tried to get Hawkeye--uh, Ronin, whoever he was or is at the moment, to be Captain America for a while. 
Young Avengers - Oh, look, it's something nice and happy that won't rip my heart out. Wait, that doesn't sound--oh, crap.
  • So Iron Lad is still going to end up becoming Kang? He never really had a chance, at least not in this universe? That sucks ass.
  • Patriot isn't a supersoldier? Oh, come on!
  • I love Kate, especially when she stood up to Captain America--and got the Hawkeye name out of it because, yes, she is a Hawkeye through and through. If she and Patriot don't get together, I will be pissed. Really, they bicker so much. 
  • Oh, Tommy, you sociopathic darling. I love you, although if you keep hitting on Kate, she might just kill you.
  • Wolverine and Tommy would make an awesome team-up.
  • Currently reading The Children's Crusade and, really, Cap? Twin beds? Although I do love that Cap wasn't bothered. Not to mention his childlike glee when he found out that Billy could fly and said it was much better than riding on Iron Man's boot.
OH, AND ONE MORE THING! CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. YESSSS! You did not want to be around when I was reacting to that news on Tumblr and Twitter. So. Many. Caps. And not the Captain America kind.

Right, it's almost half two in the morning, so I'm off to bed.


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