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Below is a masterlist of everything I've written and posted here, as well as fanmixes and art. This includes original and fanfiction.

Supernatural fic, mixes, etc. can be found here.

My fic recs page over at Tumblr lists fics I've really liked.

This list is updated soon after I post a fic, so it should always be up to date.

Band of Brothers

Set the Truth on Fire (R) - David Webster/Joe Liebgott - What your parents don't tell you is this: you've got to live with this for the rest of your life (or five things Liebgott swears never happened).

Lock It Up and Leave (PG-13) - David Webster/Joe Liebgott - 
 He used to have so much he wanted to say, but he thinks that he left the most important things behind. Written for [ profile] softshinythings' birthday. 

Generation Kill

And You Are Ragged Around The Edges (NC-17ish) - Walt Hasser/Ray Person - Walt’s not really sure what he’s supposed to do

Giving My Secrets Away (R) - Walt Hasser/Ray Person - If you don’t stick close to the people around you, you’re going to get killed, and that seems like a good reason to stay close to Walt.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing (R) - Brad Colbert/Ray Person - It's the end of the world (and, no, Ray's not singing about it).

Goodbye to the Sky 'verse (in chronological order)
  1. I Figured Out What We're Missing (PG-13)  - Ray Person - Back when it happened, they called it the apocalypse, but Ray thinks that’s bullshit because the apocalypse ends everything and it doesn’t end, it just keeps getting shittier.
  2. Walk Through the Manhattan Valleys of the Dead (PG-13) - Ray Person/Walt Hasser - Ray gets to the city and the problem is that that's the end of his plans.

Marvel (Comics and Movies)

Choices (First and Second) (R) - Darcy Lewis/Loki - Darcy's used to being second best, but maybe she isn't second best this time.

Step One, Step Two, Step Three, Repeat (G) - Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff - Natasha works to overcome her blinding fear of the Hulk via desensitization AKA Natasha keeps popping up everywhere and Bruce is confused (until he isn't) 

Struck Off Like Matches (PG-13) - Clint Barton/Phil Coulson - Coulson shoots him in the leg while they're both running: Clint's more impressed than he should be, given that he's pretty sure that he's bleeding out.

Wash the Day Away (PG) - Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff - Bruce gives a wounded Natasha a bath.

We're Gonna Drown Every Doubt (PG-13) - Clint Barton/Phil Coulson - He wakes up in hospital with years of his life missing.

Challenges and Tables


[ profile] au_bingo - my card - straight line


[ profile] fc_smorgasbord table - my table

[ profile] avengers_tables table - hurt/comfort - injuries -

Other Fandoms

The Killing

Mistakes (R) - Stephen Holder/Sarah Linden - It's already a mistake.


Private Time (NC-17ish) - Fiona Gallagher
Fiona has some private time in the morning.

Original Fiction (also know as Stuff I Do Own, and which is f-locked.)

First Meeting - It was like facing down a wild animal: remember, don't blink.

Untitled 1 - "You can't even boil a fucking egg."

Untitled 2"Just wait until you're looking at a crime scene in person."

Mix for original fictionThere Will Be No Miracles Here - General 


Generation Kill

Generation Kill - General - The Good and the Dead


Marvel - Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier - Remember Who You Are

The Avengers - General - You're Not Alone At All

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